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Since launching our website last month we have had an amazing response. The most popular and talked about design has been by far the River Reeds.

The River Reeds are a very unique design made from mild steel, allowing it to slowly develop a rust finish in the outdoor elements. The entire manufacturing process is completed here in our Sydney studio. The leaves are measured and cut to various sizes. From here they are bent by hand and clamped together to be welded in position. The centre stalks are then produced and welded inside. The stalks have a beautiful natural curve as the metal is manipulated into these shapes when cut. Each River Reed is delicately hand crafted and finished.

These sculptures are very versatile as they can be positioned by a dam, pond, river or alternatively can even be placed in a garden bed. Ranging in height from 1300mm to 2000mm the reeds look lovely as a trio.

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River reeds metal design

River Reeds metal design

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