Substation Louvres

Louvre Doors, Removable Panels & Fixed Panels

One of Enfrex’ developments over the years has been the supply and installation of Ausgrid chamber substation louvres, made of two louvre doors and two or three removable panels. Whilst louvres are a common building fit-out item, the Ausgrid design is very specific and follows a precise set of standards concerning the anti-tamper measures imbedded within and the hardware to operate them.

Enfrex delivers a high-quality product to the exact standard required by Ausgrid. This enables us to free the builder from the hassle of over-committed subcontractors who cannot deliver, and is the reason we are considered as one of the subject-matter experts and the top contractor in the business.

Similarly, Enfrex Metalworks fabricates and installs Endeavour Energy substation louvres to meet the relevant specification and standards. These are a high quality, two-stage louvre design which can be powdercoated to suit the architects design intent. 

Substation Louvres Enfrex