Substation Metalworks

Ausgrid Designs

Enfrex has a close working relationship with Ausgrid and we have refined our manufacturing and installation process towards an exact compliance to their standards, down to the last-minute details. As such, Enfrex is able to advise builders and electrical contractors on an approach tailored to site and company specific requirements. Our works come with a 100% Ausgrid inspection passing rate, and support from our management staff every step of the way.

We are highly proficient in the supply and installation of metalworks for any Ausgrid substation: basement substations, chamber substations or elevated substations. We also supply Ausgrid personnel and transformer hatches, and supply & install personnel ladders and fan mounting plates.

Endeavour Energy Designs

Whilst Enfrex has in the past manufactured Endeavour internal metalwork on a supply-only basis, we now have the expertise to supply and install any type of Endeavour substation metalworks.

Substation Metalwork Enfrex